Saturday, November 6, 2010

Princess Diya

This has been a post that has been pending from so long..its more than 2 years since Diya came into my life..

A call from my brother excited me..when are you coming to Bangalore? At 10.30 pm on july 20th, happiness came back into our family. It was just two months since dad left us and then Diya entered, giving us some light and sunshine in life..

I called my boss in bangalore..when are you coming here? Even I am excited..two stories to finish..two days and i will be there..hey you work from Bangalore for next three weeks..i was glad i had a boss so understanding and that is also when i realised the advantages of a journalism job..i could work from any part of this country or world..

my brother was impatient..two days for you to come..i want you here..amma was in the US then..trying to recoup with appa's demise..she cried softly on phone..i wish appa was there..he would have been so happy..I also had tears..
I could not wait to see my bro..and then I saw this pretty angel..held her in my arms..her eyes tightly shut..trying to sneak open a little..i held her tiny fingers..and i was overwhelmed with princess..child in the family does bring in so much happiness...

from then till now, i have seen my princess growing up...i could see an emotional sensitive child in the making..i kept telling my brother..keep your short temper at bay..dont talk to her the way you talk to me..dont treat her like that..i wont he promised..there were a couple of occasions when i sat with him and spoke about child dont have to have a child or get married to know these things..dont raise voice..she has to be scared of me, my bro said..No, why introduce child to fear..she can listen to you..without you scolding, a nice gentle way..communication can do magic...

i always had a great relation with sooner she would she me, a smile lights up her face..lovingly..once my brother and sister in law were talking that i was coming to Bangalore..and from then on..whoever rang the doorbell, she said sister in law was like..please come soon, she is torturing us..

today, after long, i was baby sitting her..and i spent beautiful moments together..i taught her so many things..birds, animals, nature, how to about her school and her friends..i listen to her..every word with rapt attention..amused..was this the little girl i held? with me..she picks my phone and puts on music..and holds my hands..swing swing she says..i just try jive with her and she picked up so fast..i was astounded..and she always enjoys the morning, she comes to my room..she sits on lap and watches squirrels and birds..i have tried teaching her birds..and she can say kite, macaw, koel, parrot, so clearly..everything i teach goes into her head...its amazing!

we sit for long hours in the balcony, watching various birds, butterflies, about people, life..and beautiful things. i show her the life out of i feed her food..she takes a spoonful of rice..'athai should eat' she says and lovingly feeds me..realised how gentle my princess is..she runs around in the house, singing rhymes, embracing me in a hug..planting sweet kisses..out of the blue..she is my first daughter..a prized posession...

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