Friday, February 25, 2011

It's me, the crazy me!

This post was triggered..thanks to Krupa..I am feeling better after writing this one!! Thanks for this babes

2. I love myself truly madly deeply, yeah more than anything else in the world, thats why I love my life
3. I never let someone hurt me very badly, been hurt enough. And when you love yourself so much how can let you let ANYone hurt you?
4. I dont care a damn about this world when I live in my own world, I am sometimes so oblivious of whats happening around me and I am happy about it
5. I write poems in mind and it stays in mind..when I want to put it on paper, it vanishes
6. I love the waters-waterfall, lake, river, or even puddles...
7. I love spending time with myself..more than spending time with others
8. Solitude seeker and lover
9. I hate hypocrisy, liars (cant stand them), hate people who make excuses and people who cant stand up on their own and take decisions in life
10. I am independent and wear a positive attitude
11. I love Popeye the sailorman and spinach too
12. I love solving crossword puzzles, for once my mind remains focused
13. My mind is focused again when I am bird watching
14. Life has changed ever since I moved to a smaller town, I have discovered happiness that was always around me but I failed to a honeybeee sipping nectar from flower..or my two cats jumping happily in a run and chase all around the corridor..small joys of life
15. I miss being a journalist..i totally do..miss the chaos, miss the fact that I never had to think about myself when I was working..
16. Once a journalist, always a journalist-I totally stick to it..Reporting days were the memorable work days of my life. I could never imagine sitting in a cubicled office choked and wanting to get out..
17. I once used to paint and now my brushes have gone rusty...Someday I shall do it ..again
18. I love brings life into my life
19. I love watching the stars at night..i feel happy when i do that
20. I am a night bird..i love the nights..especially on the days when the moon is bright and I take a long walk breathing in the cold air
21. I love the rustle of bamboo trees in the forest
22. Can never forget the sight on a green vine snake when I trotted the forests
23. There can be no one like Krupa in my life-she is the one and only-to have cutting chai, street food, daaru or talk nonsense..i can be more than myself with her
24. I am quiet..yes I am..
25. I am a deep thinker, thats why I am a writer
26. I am very emotional..ganga jamuna flows...but now I learnt to be strong..
27. Sadness is not bad, it helps you grow over things..even tears has been my best emotional outlet
28. My next emotional outlet-writing..whatever I feel..even what I am doing right now
29. I hate when people show off, I run away
30. I hate when people throw attitude that they are something..I wont even care about you
31. Big fan of ladysfinger..i can eat truckloads of them..
32. I love mountains more than the beach
33. I love sitting and staring at nothing..people think I think, but I am actually staring mind is empty..
34. I am emotional therefore I love..
35. I never fell in love with someone...and I never missed that..I have had great friends
36. My friends mean the entire world to me-they made me strong, they made me happy
37. I love rains and walking in the rains and the smell of earth
38. I love writing in hindi more than in english
39. I dont know to say no
40. Sometimes I even put up with nonsense and crib..but then I hate it..
41. I meet new people and love it..every person has changed my life
42. I miss bicyling on bombay roads..that used to be my greatest freedom in my teenage
43. I loved the MM ki lassi and samosa and jumbo vada pav at Malad station
44. I miss playing Holi, water balloons
45. I love my life now..I dont miss the big city of Bombay though sometimes I think back and look at great memories..
46. I love chai with ginger and lemon grass
47. I love Turkish and double shot with no sugar..
48. Going to Egypt was the best thing in life..childhood dream come true
49. I love looking good..yes I drop dead gorgeous..
50. I love can make me forget the world
51. I never stop myself from enjoying anything..
52. I dont think about what people will say if I do something..Dude, its my life
53. I live breathe writing..I cant live without it..thats the greatest asset
54. I love strumming my guitar and singing Annie song...or winds of change or summer of 69 or hotel california
55. I love love love singing..I dont do it often now
56. I can be incredibly romantic..(its my thinking, dont know if I can or cannot)
57. I love surprises and throwing surprises
58. I love travel, its an indelible part of me...
59. I love being with no company..books, music and coffee and couch..doesnt take much to be happy
60. There are only a handful of people with who I can go bonkers talk talk..
61. I love traveling alone..
62. I love villages, especially granpas village in kerala..there are only four lanes there..and every house has a pond..
63. I am not tech savvy and dont really care about it..
64. I want to travel the world the most exotic places..
65. I want to go to Africa
66. I love doing my own things..I seldom ask others for help
67. I want to do something which not everyone is doing..Its being truly Shar..
68. I love my mother and feel she is the greatest blessing
69. I love listening to Rafi and watching movies of Gurudutt and Sayajit Ray..They take me to a different level
70. I love cooking...absolutely..its a great form of art
71. I meet the most amazing people in the most unexpected ways
72. I am unconventional and love it
73. I love conversations, love arguments
74. Passionate lover of Economics...Someday shall grab a Ph.d
75. Confused, many times
76. Disorganised
77. I am crazy crazy to the core and can do the weirdest of things
78. Animal lover, nature lover.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Randomness in pieces

A three week hiatus from writing. I was writing in my mind, some retained, some lost with the fog, mist and dust, the byzantine lanes of Jaipur, disappearing in the walls of the pink city, some clouded thoughts and emotions..some great feelings, some miseries (rather huzun or melancholy) as described by Orhan Pamuk in Istanbul Memories...I can feel it now..huzun...engulfed in a state in my own world..the day was rolled into one, like all the seven days happened in a day and it is all happening fast..again..left paths are waiting for me to tread on it...mind is showing me the way..and suddenly a twist of events..some peppy voices, some tired, some eager..some..old memories..when past comes back to your it was never your past..Mind oh mind, why do you create these thoughts? Why do you colour my happy being in this sangfroid state..indeed..without excitement, without joy or sadness...devoid of any intense emotion..I like huzun..soul drenched...with words overpowering me, talking to its own its the company of these words, I find solace, in this solitude, I find myself intense..

Randomness...indeed...its the state...a state that revolves ...stays with me, comes and goes these flashes of deep thoughts to provoke me to melancholy (my most favorite emotion)..sinking..I peace