Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In an insane world, is truth a bad thing?

There were many times when I have helped unknown people. They just happen to bump into me somewhere and then I realise at some point they take my help and then they take it all and just forget it..It was not once, but a few episodes which has strained me emotionally. I think if at all I should help anyone in my life..but yes I also think, if it is in my capacity to help someone, why not?

And these cases of people trampling over..i cannot stop being good to someone else..because a few people I met were bad! But it does hurt at some point..when people take advantage of you, bad mouth about your friends..and you..yeah in this world, you pay a price for being 'good'. You do pay a price for being honest, open, vivacious, independent..there are many jealous faces which turn up to you, smiling..and then the grapevine begins..backbiting..

People should look back into a dictionary to find the real meaning of 'trust', 'friendship', loyalty, being grateful, help..and all the nice things in life..and also read about ego, jealousy and all the adjectives that make the life look so pale and sick!! The things that are 'not' absolutely needed to live this one beautiful live we have. I am very happy with the success of other people, a little more if my existence in their life and world has added to that...I learned values and culture from my lovely grandparents who always emphasised on sharing of resources and reaching out to help others..feeding hungry souls..But I feel sad, when people look at you as a resource to gain help and demean the value of friendship..

These experiences (I term them bad) has taught me not to trust people easily..yeah I learned it the hard way..people are always jealous of free spirited souls..when they get all the attention and love..and feel wanted..and people who have this feeling..its best I let go of them and move on in life..This too shall pass :)

And for all the lovely souls in my life..who have stuck to me, knowing the real me, and have unshattered faith and love...I love everyone of you..Afterall, in this one life we have, why fight, breed jealousy, arrogance, ego, and talk bad things (Swami Vivekananda has said this). Life is beautiful and I want to make it even better with a few friends..:)

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  1. To the wonderful lessons we learn and more friends we will meet in the future... deep thoughtful post...