Thursday, October 7, 2010


Fear is unknown. Fear is pain. Fear blocks the mind, makes your vision murky, leading you into a dark tunnel, not letting you see the light, even when it is there. What is in fear? Fear about the future is one thing we humans constantly fret about. Where is future? Can you see it? I can only see the moment, only now. Our fears are our state of mind. Some great people even talk about fearing as a sin. Is that true? Yes. When the heart is mighty, to break away the shackles of all the unknown fear that mounts the heart, life gives way. It throws light. Fear of exams, fear of relationships, fear of the future, fear of health and just keep counting, the phobias will add up, in every little thing that you do. Is it worth it? Definitely not. When the mind is trying to get into a fear mode, let me push it to a dark corner, like it never existed in my life..let me drown it, trample it, kill it, throw it away into some far off galaxy of this universe. Fear should fear coming back to me.

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