Sunday, November 28, 2010

In the valleys

I just called Ranjini, who was doing her Ph.d in urban birds at Sacon to check if I could meet with her in the weekend. It was then she came up with the idea of..why not stay overnight at Sacon..This sounded good to meant being with nature..and something that could rejuvenate me completely. I reached Sacon gate by 5.30 and wandered around watching birds..
Later, as I waited for her, I got talking to the guard and his life and soon couple of more people joined girl who was doing her research on spot billed pelican and a guy who was doing his thesis on Indian python..we sat outside the canteen watching the mountains as evening faded..with a hot tea in the cool mighty winds, the conversations were gripping..

Soon, R came in and she said, come lets go walk..we walked around the beautiful campus when it was dark..we went to the lab and the rooftop..the clouds were all there, we could not see stars..but I saw something bright and shining..and it was a planet...slowly as clouds cleared, I could see valleys and the winds blowing...and the air turning cold. I was lying down and looking at the vast sky and looking at stars that filled the sky.. It was becoming very cold. We then walked up to have some dinner and then had a long chat..which ended at 2 am. Speaking about cats, dogs, astronomy, swami vivekananda, functioning of brains, birds, animals, travel, dance, personal life, guitar and what not. Felt like before she opened her mouth, I knew what she was about to say and vice was long since I had this conversation..we tossed some ideas as well.
At that point I did feel she was a different scientist..than others..she was like me..insane loving everything in life..its like the world is full of knowledge and take everything you want to and one stops you..We also had a discussion on how minds of people like us worked..people who loved everything..thats when I realised when it takes time for me to accomplish a 'goal', all the other things in my life only give me the energy to do so..if i was focused on one goal and constantly work on it, it would never be my best..rather if im restless to paint it means something is waiting to get off give me the energy to do that important work..everything means something..

I feel like this solitary tree on a patch of open land...with roots spreading wherever I can find space..absorbing all the elements, the energy to make myself more strong, learn and do things that we can..I realised its so much in tune with how nature functions..

After a very intense talk, I dozed off. The morning was beautiful. I opened the balcony and found mountains covered in mist and valleys looking verdant green..I sat out..Later, we pushed off to have breakfast and there met an old uncle who wanted a feedback on his nature project. I was, you did this? It was an amazing collage on information and pictures on nature. I was stunned. The old man could barely walk. I asked him, how do you find time for this? He says I dont have any other job and he smiled. He was a member of Sacon nature club.

Me and R left for Mangarai..we walked through sacon, a different route, watching warblers play. It was then I spotted a beautiful blue faced malkoha..and its long tail and blue eyes was enchanting..As we were walking, it started drizling. We walked to a small stream where we found fresh elephant dung..R said..the elephant came here, it was alone..broke this tamarind tree, drank water and walked this way. I was do you know? See the foot prints..I was learning.

We got a bus to Mangarai and when we reached there, we went to the forest guard's house. It was pouring. We thought trek would be impossible. We walked into their house and his 3 year old daughter became friends with me. His wife soon got us black was amazing for the weather. I was talking to them about where they lived and all. It was great to hear their stories. Soon, the little girl pulled my hand and said, you wanna see the waterall..come I will show you..I tip toed to the backyard, my feet cold..and saw this waterfall..I could hear the stream was a sight!!! I stood there for sometime hearing elephant tales..

After a lot of time, the kid's mom invited us for lunch but we poilitely time. She was suprised how her kid got attached to me..said she never mingles with anyone..I said kids usually gel with me..And this girl came and hugged me, it was very sweet. She refused to get off my lap...I absolutely loved her..

Soon, we decided to walk back..We were hungry..but when we walked out..we saw this mountain fully covered in looked so picture perfect..we saw the clouds moving by..we could not go further..we spent half an hour just watching the mountains and getting soaked in the rain..As we walked further, we saw an emu farm..we went there, saw the birds and walked back...

When we hit the main road, we were hungry..we walked into this small roadside shop..akka, whats there to eat..we are hungry..we pounced on her..she had those boiled channas with loads of chillies and ginger..we went into the store and had that and one ginger coffee..which was out of this world in true style..we had one more round..and then I noticed this strange thing..Next to the line of God images, there was an image of an elephant which was worshipped. Had never seen something like this before...

We stood there for the bus..and then I got off back to Coimbatore. My jeans was all drenched and I was feeling colllllllllllldddddddddddddd....finally reached home, a nice shower and a great sleep..I got back into my dream was a beautiful day...

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