Tuesday, November 30, 2010

People I meet

This blog has been pending for almost four months. I had promised this person that I will blog about him, just when I said bye.

To tell the story, I badly wanted a nice hairstyle. This time in Bangalore, my sister in law suggested a guy who is supposed to be super awesome. Everytime, she would tell me to go to this guy. I thought let me try. I told her I am very wary of anyone who cuts my hair..She was like, dont worry, go!

So I land up at this spa on Indira Nagar. Looked posh. I went around looking for Aashik. Yeah, he was the guy. Went and said hi to him. He gave this nice wide smile when he saw me. Nice place, I said. And hey, before you pick that scissors, let me tell you, pleassssssssssse dont chop my hair. I am growing it. I went to naturals last time and they chopped it and I came home depressed. Dont worry he assured.

As we started talking, he was talking in Tamil. I soon started talking to him in local language. So, where are you from? I studied in Chennai and he started. So, how did you become a hair stylist. Well long story he said. And he started off. I did my grad in Chennai. My dad was a doctor. In college, I used to do make up styling and hair styling for movie artists. That used to help me with my pocket money. Soon, I realised that was my interest. When I told my father, he was shocked. He almost abandoned me. I left Chennai and came to Bangalore, in search of my destiny. I did not have much money too. I once remember I walked from ITPL to Indira nagar because I did not have any money. I just looked at him stunned. He looked quite young. He continued his story.

He later took a job as a stylist and started working. Slowly, he built up a client base. Then he started this spa. I just breathed hard. Wow Aashik!! Awesome! He smiled.

You have beautiful hair, he said. Thanks, but please dont chop..please!! Dont worry, he said..Later, I asked him how his name was Aashik. Said his grandfather was in the army and they lived all over India. His granmom chose this name.

He said one important thing to me-money is like bird, today its on one tree, tomorrow on another. It sounded so much like me. I agreed with him. Then he was asking about me and his eyes popped out..wow writer!! I have never met someone like you..and we started talking more. He said he loved to travel and his business kept him so occupied he seldom had time.

After a great two hours I got hold of his card. He said he will never forget me and will keep in touch. It was nice. It was a new learning from someone new. I went back satisfied with my new hair style..and more happy hearing his struggle tale. Some people have a lot in common.....

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  1. I am looking for Aashik for the past 1 year. Like you, I love his haircuts. Do you know where he is?