Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crazy november 2011

It has been a long time I even wrote anything. I tried nanowrimo and was so optimistic I would finish 50000 words but could not. But I am glad I touched the 20,000 mark. I know I should not give reasons but yeah I was tired like crazy. But then there were these fun memorable days and the interesting new people I met..and a few of course who let me down...but yeah I am glad I am getting to see new faces of people..

It was the international ornithology conference on indian birds. Sacon was the place I spent half of my time after home. I would climb the tiny path, admiring the colorful flowers and the call of the birds. I met many eminent ornithologists..Rauf Ali, Suhel Qader, and many many people..I shared a wonderful rapport with the new people. After being active in couchsurfing I got this interesting mail from an ornithologist from Gujarat. I was happy to meet him. We all had a small couch surfers meet in Coimbatore. I met Dr. Christopher who worked on elephants in Kottayam. I spent long hours chatting with him. I was much appreciated for the work I do and I did really feel humble and great about myself. I was indeed bringing in new dimensions to journalism and research writing. I do feel proud. I met Arpit, the guy from Gujarat and told him where he can do birding around Coimbatore. I met Jigna who run her own boutique in Coimbatore. She said I can drop in whenever I want to and her home is always open..I said..I love you for saying that..She was damn friendly..I met Harish who did his fashion designing from Canada and launched his new label for adventure apparels. That was so cool! He was a wildlife photographer as well..Buddy, count me in for any travel..I love wilderness..I said in a jiffy..Sure he said..We all had a great time at coffee day and it was fun. I love the people in Coimbatore..they dont speak the galeej chennai tamil, they treat people with a lot of respect and are warm..

The next day at conference, I spent lot of time with new people and old was great..the weather was cold and I loved to watch mountains and sip my tea sitting on my usual steps outside the canteen..

I conversed with scientists, did some work for my story and then headed off home..My friend just then called me over for dinner. He was my very old friend, but I saw a new side to him. It was shocking, it was bad! But then I got to know the truth. I moved on. Sometimes you know about people after long time! I chose to have a few good friends and be happy. Rather there are a very few people I talk to and very few words. Reticence is my best friend. In between I have been reading Eat, Pray and Love and I quite love Liz for writing the book!

I made a trip to Chennai with one of the top ten ornithologists in the world, Dr. Rhys. He was so quiet. Writing and reading. I chatted with my friend Sumant and laughed. We walked out of the AC coach and stood near the door and talked about life..watching the green fields and breathing fresh air. I was heading to my best friend's wedding. Little did I know that it would be the most hardworking week of my life..I spent hours and sleepless nights right from cleaning my friend's room (literally dustbin).

I had to go do shopping with her and in between developed an eye me! I was fine later. I did no shopping for myself and I knew I was gonna wear my mom's saree for the wedding. I did just that. But my friend's dad picked up a dress for me. I kinda love wearing sarees..anyway, the madness was really madness..I had no time to breathe..literally..The last one week I lost a sense of time and place and my life and everything..Last night after the wedding reception was over, my eyes became as red as tomato and I think that was it..The wedding happened in a jiffy. Raced through in the last five minutes before the auspicious time was over..I was keeping my fingers crossed..

I loved my friend's in laws. FIL looked like a strict person but I kind of liked him. He has this certain sense of calmness which I admired. I loved the guy's family..I think I just need a family like that..calm, dignified people with absolutely no show offs..finally my friend's dream of marrying the guy she loved became true!

What happens to my friend next? Don't know...But I wish for her happiness..

Amen. Can't write more details on blog. But I learnt a lot about life and the brouhaha over weddings, the expensive outfits, relationships and how difficult it is to carry something called marriage. I think I love my tiny space..till and if I find someone naturally!!

I am damn tired right now! And you know why. Between, forgot to mention..I made a trip to Kotagiri and witnessed the beauty of mountains. It wasnt as cold as I expected it to be and then went to Ooty and brought in ornamental plants for home..and came via chocolate tea! I went to an old St. Stephen's church..amazing! On the way to kotigiri, I almost escaped a bison..thanks to my friend who got off in the middle. I was so mad at him for that. What if the bison had really attacked me! :( Anyway, thanks God for making the bison run back to hills and saving me! phew..

Lot of things..but yeah I think I am becoming saner and wiser day by day like my friend Renju was nice to see your looked were so calm and serene..Yes honey, I am close to nirvana I said..Renju is one girl for whom I can thank God a million times gave me a priceless treasure..

In the wedding, my friend's cousin (a 15yr old girl) became so close to me..that she fed me sweets..fed me food..made me coffee..and kissed my cheeks..I love you akka..still ringing in my ears..and everytime she said I looked gorgeous than ever before, I smiled..she said I love you Sharada a hundred times..I dont think even a guy has told me I love you so many times..Sweet things of life...

adios time and cant really blog too many of my experiences here ...:) cheers!

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