Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Memories of childhood after years

It was after a very long time that I called my childhood friend Krupa. I wasn't even sure if her number still existed. I called her, heard her voice and I was so thrilled. I could literally feel I was going back to my childhood days as I was talking to her. Are you plump still, I asked teasing her. I remember I used to call her batata (potato) in Mumbai hindi. Poor thing! I know I used to tease her so much! She was no less. Oye Madrasi, oye chashmish..I remember every little thing. Childhood days were so much fun! Krupa, me and Mithu were a trio. We were always together doing the most craziest things, playing and most importantly laughing. I was always out of the house with these girls, cycling or playing. It was a kind of freedom being with the two gals.

In those days, I did not have a cycle. My brother taught me how to ride a cycle when I was in class 3. Those days we lived in a small rural area where dad had his bank posting. I fell on thorns as I learnt to cycle but took it as a part of learning. Didn't cry. Later, when my brother got his cycle, I started riding it after fighting with him for many days. Initially, I remember me, mithu and krupa would go and hire a cycle-Rs 2 for an hour. I used to save up the coins from my bus trip to school. In the afternoon after school, I used to buy 50 paise ice and eat it. Every day!

Krupa was a tomboy and she reckons she is still one. Loved everything that boys did. We used to play cricket, fly kites and even beat boys in the kite flying game. I rather learnt kite flying from her.

In the building where we stayed, people used to mock us-always playing don't know if they study. Sometimes, we used to go to Krupa's house to have amazing delicacies made by her mom, sometimes to Mithu's house to watch tv. My neighbour aunty was such a pain, she used to yell at us while we were playing at the building compound because she could not see the passerbys. We used to get angry but continued playing ignoring her. Sometimes we used to leave cockroaches into her house and balcony. Lot of times, ring the door bell and run away. Small joys of life. I remember once, we three were playing Holi. We were at the roof top throwing water balloons. During the days of Holi, we used to play so much. My face would be smeared with so much color that my mother would not recognize me. Krupa's house had a huge swing. We used to spend some evenings having hot chai and talking nonsense. We used to roam so much in the cycle. There were so many times my brother yelled at me and even beat me up for not studying. I used to HATE studies and school. Even at nights I used to be out playing. My building people and my family used to wonder what I would do in life. I hated anything conventional, rather I never understood why school and studies were important in life. I absolutely never thought of future. Sometimes dad used to scold me a lot for not focusing on studies, but my innocent mind would never understand. I lived a life like there was no tomorrow. Of course, today, when I look back, none of those grades or marks..nothing ever mattered. Maybe I was really right! :) Lovely days, beautiful days. I was super thrilled to talk to my friend after ages and reliving all those memories. Mithu is married and now lives in Pune. Krupa is still the way she is-plump, cute and adorable and me, still the same free spirited girl that I was, but yeah quiet and composed.

Now, I am waiting to go and see my friend in Bombay and sit in the swing and have a chai..and maybe a matured conversation. :)


  1. sounds like a totally fun childhood!! :D
    i especially love the last line...

  2. danke :) i should write more :) so many memories..glad i remember all of them