Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time to live my bucket list?

High time! No rant, but I am tired of living for others, in a sense, making others happy through a certain action of mine. I certainly can't convince every person in this world and justify, listen this is what I want to do and this is how I want to live my life. Being individualistic is great! Atleast I am not bothering others!

Anyway, coming to the topic, there have been things that I wanted to do in life and I am going t list out things I have done, and some things I want to do and I hope and believe I would be able to do them.

What I have done:

Published a book. Well, that was a long time dream come true. But hey, I am not done. I have still two books that are knocking on my mind right now.

Traveled to Egypt. It was like a dream come true for that is one place in the world I wanted to go, that too by myself. Visiting the Pyramids was one more tick mark.

Being an environmental journalist-dream since 16 came true after lot of struggle and hard work. But it did happen.

Travel in a backpacking way- Done it in the last 5-7 years of living by myself- villages of tamilnadu, kerala, architectural monuments, forests, tsunami struck places, waterfall..the list can go on...

Bird watching-I was a duh when it came to bird watching. Used to watch my friends spot birds and identify while I looked like an idiot..Now, I don't, I learnt. Another tick mark..Yayy!

Did still water river rafting with mom! :)

Started Graphite Ink :)

Started teaching writing

Started giving public talks (big dream come true)

Gave many the confidence to speak and shed inhibitions (pat on my back)

What I want to do

Travel global. Every year or once in two years, visit a country. Yep. I am glad I am starting this new year in Singapore/Malaysia. The journey begins.

Want to travel to Botswana, explore Africa, travel to Vatican city, Venice, Innusbruck in Austria, Fraser island, France, Antarctica and the list goes on.

100 countries before I die..I want to make that dream come true!

Bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, and any freaking adventure sport.

Write travel books and books about people I met in life.

Want to go back to college, probably international. I have been planning this from 19, but yeah now I wanna make it happen. Study, work and travel. Life is simple!

Spend a year for one thing-one year of hindi writing, one year or two years of studying environmental law/education/science, one year of creative writing, one year of writing in hindi, one year of writing in tamil (one year being minimum), one year of short stories, one year of poetry ..and more ...

Want to apply for the semester at sea cruise..Its world travel in a ship for three months. I want a free ride. Actually! I am gonna find ways!

Traverse through the forests of world.

Throw away the mobile phone and men..Both are useless..

Right now, this is what is on the top of my head. I shall think more and write if something crops up!


  1. so totally impressed with the achievements!! and wishing you loadasa luck with the rest to come!!

    ps - love the line about mobile phones and men!! ;)

  2. pri, thanks a tonne babes! you make my world a better place to live