Monday, June 6, 2011

Men, shoo off!

Grrr..I am writing this post in a high mode of irritation..I guess being friendly is a great thing but how some men think that if you are friendly with them and open to talk, it means they can propose you and say they have a crush on you.
After knowing a line up of men who have said they have a crush on me, and they like me a lot (dont know in what sense), they sometimes encroach my personal space even during my vacation time with calls and sms when the least thing I want to do it talk to someone who has a crush on me..Ah, I dislike it..I love my freedom and yeah sometime back I had to be blunt with a friend of mine saying, I don't like people trampling my space..So, please do not question me like zillion things..and I like to talk when I want to and with people I choose to. so, men please go and get a life..there is more to life than women, dating and crushes..And spare me! I love my freedom!


  1. You too? Same happens to me also man. Same. It's highly irritating!

  2. yeah shruts..was reading your blog..parallels