Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have been a big big big fan of Siddharth. Had a gut feeling that 180 would be a great movie and the movie was more amazing than I expected! The movie spoke about a simple fact of life-living in the present...

As usual Siddharth was charming, stunning, looking great and hot, of course and its undeniable, he is a classy actor..The photography and cinematography of the movie is much better than even the Mani Ratnam movies..The music, well, even better!

The movie talks about intransient life...changes and how one needs to live in the present..beyond, love, emotional attachments and everything that revolves around the normal life of a human being and it is conveyed in a subtly emotional way..That movie is still running in my mind..

The movie talks reality!! And I loved every shot, the pace of the movie...everything was just amazing..mesmerising...I sunk into it and yet to regain..but there was a lot I learnt, how to enjoy every minute of life, despite all odds and how precious one's life is..and how we should cherish it and live it like it were the last day of life!!

Sid, mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, I love you!!

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