Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The home shifting weekend for friend!

i could not break my head on a title. but to put it simply, it was a super awesome weekend. My friend Shomita, was shifting her apartment. To the world, she was India's only cat expert, to me she was a friend, guide and philosopher..who was there to hear me out, be pragmatic, honest and upfront...which was so much like me..

So, hey Shoms, I am going to be there to help you out with shifting. On Friday evening, we went for a nice dinner, spent long hours at coffee shop, talking about life and what not. Friday night ended late after a long chat with Shoms and Ranjini. The moment I actually stepped into her house, I settled on the couch, pouncing on the copy of Tinkle. I love reading Tinkle. Oh, so do I, she said! :)

The next day, we went for a nice hair cut, a much needed change for me! :) And after that we went and had a meal and set to clean the house, wrap things in the carton and hundred other things. Renju had made a yummy lunch, rotis and mouth still waters...after a nice lunch and siesta, we woke up to the sound of the door bell. The movers and packers were there, we sat around monitoring them and spent the whole time, shifting things here and was so much fun!! actually! We girls were enjoying it..

As we moved into the new house, we just smelled the fresh paint and breathed in some fresh air...the house was lovely, better than the previous house..we spoke to an uncle who lived downstairs and we started chatting with him. Uncle was oh so friendly and we had a nice time. By the time we moved in it was almost 9 pm. I was terribly hungry. Mopped the floor, helped the cartons move and change. Hey, you are tall, why dont you fix this, said Shoms. More than happy Shoms, I said..At 9.30 realised, fans and lights were not working in some rooms and there was no electrician available at that time. We sorted it out with the watchman..and went to have a yummy dinner..most needed..came back home, crashed...

The next day was again filled up with emptying cartons and then I offered to make was pasta in tomato sauce...i love cooking for others...and for myself too! The pasta disappeared in seconds and Shoms just couldnt resist eating it! You are hired as a cook, she declared! Thanks I said, and smiled at her..

It was siesta after lunch..oh forgot to mention,.I was craving to eat chaat since friday and no luck..on sunday evening we decided to go out and try something..and at turned out to be a horrrrible experience...the pani puris and chaat were all just so bad! I think I have to get over it now and I think I can only do that when I manage to have a good chaat somewhere else! After whole lot of work that day, I had a long chat that night with Renju about what I wanted to write and threw in my ideas..the talk went till 2.30 am as usual..and we crashed..

The next day, I left for home after the hectic crazy and amazing weekend with friends..They make my life..some special ones do! Shoms and Rejnu, love you!!

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