Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hindi words in Tamil

This is a little funny, but then it has been there on my mind for a long time. Having a Bombay upbringing and living in Chennai for quite a while during my career, I have got to see both the sides and how north perceives south and viceversa. That is something I am not going to talk about here.

A few years back when I was living in Chennai, I was asking my friend if he wanted to join me for a movie?
He:Which movie?
Me: Hindi movie, Saawariya
He: What saawariya? And he started laughing! Are you going to watch a movie with such a title? And he would not stop laughing. Saawriya in Tamil means, "are you dying?"
We both ended up laughing. Finally, he never ended up coming for the movie.

Most of my friends in Chennai perpetually, in their effort to speak Tamil, made me laugh! There are many things I cannot script here!

Recently, there was a movie I saw, called Kai Po Che. In Gujarat and Mumbai, they use the word during Uttaran, the kite festival, when you defeat someone in the kite game.
In Tamil, kai po che means hand is gone. Kai means hand, poche means gone. Imagining how my Tamil friends would want to watch Kaipoche. :D

Small thrills of life, courtesy, the diverse languages we have in out country!