Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ladoo bhai, salaam

It was a long pending task for me, I was to interview a stuntman from the Gujarat Film industry. He was waiting to talk to me and today I finally decided to pick the phone and call him. I heard a very sweet voice on the other end. Laddu sahib aap hai, I asked? Haan, main hi bol raha hoon, aap mujhe interview karne wali thi na. He could not speak English, so I spoke with him in Hindi.

Laddu bhai (that's how he was addressed in the film industry) was a fun person to talk to. I was asking him if he was ever afraid of doing stunts for many heroes and from what he spoke, there was no space for fear in his life. I took some inspiration from him. As I was talking to him, he suddenly thrust a few questions to me..madam, ek baat boloon, he asked..haan kahiya (yes, tell) I told him, aap dil ke bahut saaf hai (you are very clean by heart). I smiled, and even laughed. Laddu bhai, I don't like lies. Madam, aap dil ki bahut acchi hai (you are very good at heart). I had heard that many times from many people, but here was someone who was talking to me over phone and in a few minutes gauged the real me. Further, he said, you are stubborn, aren't you? And a go getter, you never leave till you achieve things, fighter. I had to agree, that was my true personality. I am stubborn at times, especially when it comes to fulfilling my own dreams, for me that is the only integral part of my life. I was surprised by Laddu bhai's talks. Aap sab kaise jaane hai? How do you know so much about me? Madam, from your voice. I know people. He continued, Haven't people told you have a beautiful smile? I was speechless. Haan bhai, I have heard that very often but how do you know. I can feel it from here. You have a lovely smile and you are a very honest person. I was really moved that I forgot my questions.

Here was a man, who said he was happy, really happy in life. He lived in a match box house, lived a risky professional life, but his voice, soft and subdued, effused with happiness, gentleness and respect for others. I am of course not going to reveal his life story here, but this day taught me a lesson of happiness. How people can be happy despite what.

Laddu bhai is definitely one inspiration. I loved the way he was upfront with me. I loved the way he was himself, not judgemental, but speaking from heart!
Salaam to you Laddu Bhai, aap mahan ho!! Now, I can't wait to meet him!