Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fresh faces

It has been quite a hiatus, I have not been writing extensively, just was not in sync. It is during these times friends come and just make your life bloom..

I had met Gopika, my friends roomie at a creative writing workshop in Chennai. It did not take us many days or years to become good friends. We had this instant connection ans we hit off well-the connection was writing of course. A few days back she called me. Hey, interested in doing translation for an American company? It is for a friend and she is coming to Coimbatore. Oh yes, why not was my immediate answer. And then I spoke to Lucie. She was a German and lived in America. Hey, heard so much about you Sharada and can't wait to see you. I just smiled. Me too, I said. She messaged me as soon as she landed here from Delhi. Waiting to see you :)
The next day morning, I landed up at the hotel. She had a small gift for me. There are two gifts, she said. One from me and one from Gopika. Now, tell me who gave what. I knew it and laughed. It was so sweet. Someone I was meeting for the first time was gifting me something. Sharada, I asked Gopika one question, said Lucie. You know Sharada since a decade? She said, No. It has been three months I guess. She was shocked. And you guys spoke to each other as if you knew since ages..I told Lucie, "It does not matter how long you know a person for, its a connect that is important." True, she said. Then I met Rashmi aunty, Sally, Shefali, Chinmay, Kanika..and man I felt like I knew them since long. I started discussing history of temples with Kanika, with Shefali talking about my passions on writing, with Rashmi aunty about every random thing.

I loved the experience of interviewing after a long time too! Lucie was one person I could talk to for hours and hours. She was amazing. We cracked jokes, laughed, commented, like good ol' buddies catching up after long..

I really wonder this strange connection I have with people. People with who I get connected randomly and we become great friends, people I get to know ..but never meet, people who are far away from me, yet close. Makes me feel relation has no boundaries, or time.

Spoke to a few more people in the last few days and the experience cannot be expressed in words..

End of the day, Lucie held my hand and said thanks. A nice hug and I told her bye..
She is coming home tomorow with Chris and Sally to celebrate New Year with me..
I cant wait :)

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